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K4 High-Performance Direct Sampling SDR

We’re pleased to announce our new top of the line transceiver, the Elecraft K4. It combines the latest in direct-sampling technology with classic controls and an upgradeable, modular architecture. You’ll find a full Introduction below, as well as technical and ordering information. 

We think you’ll find the K4 to be the advanced radio you’ve been waiting for...powerful and easy to use, backed by an engineering team that loves to get on the air.


Wayne, N6KR

Eric, WA6HHQ



K4 Manual Release

Download the "Introduction to the Elecraft K4" here.


Pre-Order Information

First shipment targeted for September 2020. 

Due to possible price increases from our suppliers, we are unable to provide you with the final price of the Elecraft K4, K4D or K4HD.  We anticipate that the highest price tier for the K4 and K4D listed on the pre-order form to be close to the sales prices.

If you wish to help us accelerate our production ramp-up and ship earlier, in addition to regular K4 orders which will be billed at shipment, we also have four refundable deposit levels on the pre-order page. (We greatly appreciate your deposits. They really help!) 

Pre-order with deposits will be shipped from the first production run in the order received, followed by non-deposit orders. We’re ramping up production now and are targeting our first deliveries for September 2020.

  • Ship Group 1 is full.
  • Ship Group 2 - Min. Dep is $1,500 (Larger deposits help accelerate our production ramp-up and are much appreciated)
  • Ship Group 3 and later - No deposit required.
    Email Address/Shipping Address Changes

    If your email or shipping address changed after placing your K4 order, please let us know by submitting an Email/Shipping Address Change Form.