K4 Dual-Panadapter Mode

The K4's user interface provides a symmetrical display of settings for VFO A (main RX) and VFO B (sub-RX). There's a full set of icons for each, as well as dual S-meters. Each also has its own high-resolution fine-tuning aid -- the mini-pan -- which can be displayed by touching a signal of interest or by tapping the associated S-meter.

This symmetry extends to the main and sub panadapters as well. The screen capture below shows dual-panadapter mode, with side-by-side displays that maximize waterfall height.
In the example shown, the receivers are on two different bands, in two different modes, and are using two different antennas. This flexibility allows the operator to monitor any two bands at once, switching transmit bands with a tap of the A/B switch. A planned future mode will allow the operator to specify several bands of interest -- as many as six -- to do a quick check of activity over a broad spectrum.

Controls such as SPAN, REF LEVEL, WATERFALL HEIGHT, AVERAGING, SCALE, etc. can be applied to the two displays independently. If an external monitor is plugged into the video output, its panadapter parameters can also be separately adjusted, or they can be individually linked to the LCD settings, saving adjustment time.

The K4's powerful, extensible processing architecture provides unlimited expansion possibilities. In future articles, we'll illustrate such features as built-in text decoding, the K4's easy-to-use menu system, and context-sensitive help screens, among others.

We are continuing to take deposits for the K4 - the first shipping group will be filled soon.  At this time, we don't have final pricing for the K4 models.  We are still gathering material prices from our suppliers; however, the full deposit for the K4 and the K4D will be close to the price of the radios.

Learn more about the K4 and pre-order here.
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  • Hello…. I’m Really Hoping that you will include 220, 902, and 1296 Mhz TRANSVERTERS in the radio ? That WOULD wake up any Competitors…AND You would be the FIRST to have a GROUND BREAKING RADIO ! Everybody else is just repacking an older radio and Calling it a NEW one…. I own a K3 w/all the updates, Elecraft 144,222,& 432 xverters DownEast 902 & 1296 Xverters…. 73 NQ8A

    Larry A Schrader

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