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Mini-Module Test and Pickup Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
W1 Watt-meter / SWR Bridge* W1 Watt-meter / SWR Bridge Assembly and Operating Manual 

Rev D (6/25/09)

532 Kb
AF1 Audio Filter AF1 Audio Filter Assembly and Operating Manual  Rev B (02/8/2012) 400 Kb
AT1 41 dB Step Attenuator* AT1 41 dB HF / VHF Step Attenuator Assembly and Operating Manual  Rev A1 (1/16/18) 543 Kb
2T-Gen Manual  2T-Gen Two Tone Generator Rev B (3/10/2010) 755 Kb
BL2 Manual  BL2 250W Balun. 1:1 and 4:1 Switchable Assembly and Operating Manual Rev B (10/12/2008) 256 Kb
CP1 Manual  CP1 Directional Couplet Rev B (6/7/2006) 300 Kb
DL1 Manual  DL1 Wideband Dummy Load Rev C (4/19/2011) 227 Kb
Ngen Manual  Ngen Wideband Noise Generator Rev D (11/7/08) 42 Kb
XG2 Manual  XG2 Three Band Receiver Test Oscillator/S-Meter Calibrator Rev G (1/16/18) 240 Kb
XG50 KIT RF Signal Source XG50 KIT RF Signal Source Owner's Manual Rev D (11/26/2012) 275 Kb

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