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KXPA100 Application Notes

Application Notes Description
KXPA100 Kit Builder Alert: Operation with External Power Amplifiers The KXPA100/KX3 combination is designed to interface with the KPA500 amplifier. If another power amplifier is used that presents more than +5V on the keying line, damage may occur to KXPA100 amplifiers. Applies to KXPA100's with serial numbers less than 0700. Any amp after serial number 700 has this designed in as it left the factory. Applies to Kit and Factory-built KXPA100s.
KXPA100 Kit Builder Alert: Serial Data Noise Suppression Under certain conditions when the KX3 and the KXPA100 are connected to a personal computer via the PC port, noise from serial data may be audible in the receiver. This App Note describes an easy fix.