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KX3 Operating Tips

 Operating Tip Description
Connecting KX3 to your Computer and Backup / Restore your Settings To assist you in keeping your rig up and running for the long haul, we have engineered some "Good Housekeeping" features to ensure your radio can talk to your computer, back up your configurations and update your firmware. This Application Note steps you through them. If you are new to the KX3 or KX2, take a moment to read through this Application Note.
Maximizing Battery Life The Elecraft KX3 has been designed with mobile applications in mind and that means maximizing battery life. Built into the KX3 are a number of features and capabilities that can be enabled separately. This Operating Tip discusses those features.
Using a Straight Key  The KX3's attached keyer paddle, the KXPD3, is very flexible. However, the KX3 can actually handle 2 keys connected at the same time. This Operating Tip discusses how this can be done.
Using APF for Weak Signal CW Both the K3 and KX3 have an APF control (audio peaking filter). APF can be extremely effective when you're trying to copy weak CW signals buried in the noise.
Using APF with K3 and KX3 Elecraft's K3 radio has quite a few features to assist the avid DX and Contester to dig out weak signals across the entire HF bands. This Operating Note is intended to highlight one of these features, the Audio Peaking Filter, or the APF, as it is generally called. Primarily intended for the CW operator, this feature enhances the already excellent DSP filtering built into the K3 and KX3.
Using Dual Watch on KX3 Often a DX station will say "up 2" (or just "up") in order to move callers away from his own frequency. This Operating Tip discusses how to use the Dual Watch feature for operating in Split.
Using Rich Audio Features of KX3 While it contains a built-in speaker, many operators are finding far more benefits with the rich set of audio processing features in the Elecraft KX3. This Operating Tip discusses how they can be used.
How to Lock VFO on KX3 Locking the VFO can be useful when operating mobile or portable, or if you just want to stay parked on one frequency for a long time and don't want to accidentally change it. Here's how that is achieved.