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Enhancement / Modification


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Description Revision
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Production phase-in shipping date
Reduce Transmitted Harmonic Distortion This modification reduces the level of harmonics present in the KX2 output for early KX2 transceivers. No soldering is required. Applies to all KX2's prior to serial number 866. All KX2's from Serial Number 866 and later will not have the problem. Important Note: If you have installed any 3rd party product that requires replacement of the right side panel, order this kit to ensure your KX2 keeps its improved TX distortion performance. Contact the supplier of the 3rd party product if you have questions about their installation procedures. Revision B
June 7, 2017


KX2 CW UI Reference KX2 CW User Interface Reference Rev. A3
KXPD3 Advisory for KX2 40 Kb Using the KXPD3 with the KX2 Revision A
May 17, 2016
KXAT2 Builder's Alert KXAT2 Builder's Alert Revision A
January 9, 2017