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KPA500 500 Watt Linear Amplifier Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
KPA500 Owner's Manual  KPA500 Owners Manual Rev E1 (11/5/19) 1.5 Mb
KPA500 Kit Assembly Manual  KPA500 Kit Assembly Manual Rev F9 (6/4/18) 6.0 Mb
KPA500 Kit Assembly Man. Errata KPA500 Kit Assembly Manual Errata Rev F9-3 (7/1/2020) 161 Kb
KPA500 Fuse Reminder  Read Me First on Installing Fuses for KPA500 (12/19/16) 311 Kb
KPAK3AUX Manual  KPAK3AUX Cable Set Instructions, with pictures Rev 1E (2/1/19) 50 Kb
KPA500 Prog. Reference  KPA500 Programmer's Reference Manual Rev A2 (7/7/11) 160 Kb