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KH1 Hand-Held, 5-Band Transceiver Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
KH1 Owners Manual KH1 Owners Manual Rev B-1 (11/6/2023) 2.15 Mb
KH1 Owners Manual Errata KH1 Owners Manual- Errata Errata B1 (11/6/2023) 201 Kb
KH1 Log Sheets KH1 Log Sheets (PDF) Rev 10/23

35 Kb

KX2/KH1 Comparison A Quick KX2/KH1 Comparison Rev A3 (10/24/2023)


KH1 Brochure E740380-C12, KH1 Brochure C-12 (10/23/2023) 2 Mb
KH1 Programmer's Reference KH1 Programmer's Ref Rev A1 (10/27/2023)

51 Kb