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K60XV Upgrade Information

If you want to add the K60XV to an existing K2, your K2 and some of its options will not function correctly with the K60XV unless they meet the requirements listed here. Please read all items carefully.

Firmware Requirements

  • K2: Revision 2.04P or later main microcontroller firmware is required (U6, Control board), and  revision 1.09 or later I/O Controller firmware (U1, RF board). Serial number 4060 and higher K2s already have these revisions. To check the revision, hold any switch while turning the K2 on. Two numbers will be displayed: your main microcontroller revision on the left (e.g. 2.03D), and the IOC revision (e.g. 1.07). If either is not current, you must obtain an update from Elecraft (order #FWK2MCIO). This new firmware is included free of charge with the purchase of the K60XV kit on request. If you purchased 2.04P earlier for the K2KEYMDKT, we will credit you for that purchase - check the $44.00 credit item for the FWK2MCIO on the order form below. (Serial number 4060 and higher K2s ship with these f/w revisions and do not receive the credit.)


  •  KAT2 and KAT100 ATUs: For 60-meter use, the KAT2 requires revision 1.07 or later (order #FWKAT2). The KAT100 requires revision 1.05 or later (#FWKAT100). To determine your KAT2 or KAT100 firmware revision, use the K2 's ATU menu entry.  Note: In the U.S. , CW operation is not allowed on 60 m at present. Technically, this means you can't use an ATU (see page 15 in the K60XV manual ).


  •  KSB2 SSB Adapter: Revision 1.07 or later (#FWSSB) is required if you plan to use SSB modes with low-power transverter I/O. To determine the revision, set the SSBA menu entry to BAL, exit the menu; then hold VOX . (Be sure to return SSBA to its original value after checking the firmware revision.)

Hardware Requirements

  • K2 Rear Panel: Starting with K2 serial number 4088, two holes for phono (RCA) jacks were added to the K2 's lower rear panel/heat sink, near the transverter I/O connector (J13 on the K2 RF board). Jacks of this type are often used for transverter I.F. connections, and have satisfactory characteristics at 28 MHz.  They provide a more convenient connection point for transverters than the BNC jacks provided in the original K2 top cover, and can be used even with a KPA100 installed. You can order the new rear panel (order #E100075SS), or use the top-cover connectors. NOTE: The rear panel is removed during K60XV installation, so you must obtain the new panel before you start K60XV kit assembly.


  • KPA100 (K2/100's 100-watt stage): The KPA100 cannot be used on 60 m unless it includes (1) the circuit updates made recently to improve high-SWR handling; (2) the newer version of the KPA100 shield , which includes grounding clips. If your KPA100 manual is revision C or later, both sets of changes are already in place. (Another way to tell if your unit has the circuit changes is to look at toroid L18 on the KPA100; it was recently replaced by a jumper.) The SWR-related update kit is order #KPA100MODKT. The shield upgrade is order #KPA100SHLDKT. Once these changes are in place, you can use the KPA100 on 60 meters, and can optionally upgrade to KPA100 firmware revision 1.09. This revision allows up to a 2:1 SWR before reducing power. (Use the K2 's PA menu entry to check your present KPA100 revision.)