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K4 High Performance Direct Sampling SDR Manuals and Other Materials

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
K4 Manual Introduction to the Elecraft K4 REV C2   (6-9-21) 11.64 Mb
K4 Rear-Panel, Reversed This reference drawing shows K4 rear-panel connector locations reversed, i.e. as viewed from the front of the radio. 2.13 Mb
K4 Operating Manual K4 Built-In Operating Manual  (html)

Rev C9

230 Kb
K4 Operating Manual K4 Built-In Operating Manual (pdf) Rev C9
650 Kb
K4 Programmer's Reference

K4 Programmer's Reference

Note: This release of the programmer's reference includes updated SW command codes that pertain to release R20 or later of the K4 Software.

Rev B12
160 Kb

K4 Application Note*

FSK RTTY Keying via USB or Serial Port with the Elecraft K4 Transceiver

This document describes how to configure Windows, the K4, and MMTTY for FSK keying without using any external hardware or the K4 ACC connector.

7-30-21 584 Kb
K4 Highlights

Highlights from Wayne Burdick, N6KR

62 Kb
K4 Brochure Elecraft Brochure
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