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K3 (non-S version) Manuals

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Note: Some of these manuals make reference to products or parts that are no longer available (at Elecraft). Visit our Retired Products page to view the list.

Title Manual Revision Download Size
K3 Owner's Manual K3 Owner's Operation Manual, High Res. Rev D10 (8/24/2011) 12.4 Mb
K3 Owner's Manual Errata K3 Owner's Operation Manual Errata Rev D10-8 (3/31/2015) 61 Kb
K3 Assembly Manual  K3 Assembly Manual Rev M (9/03/2014) 5 Mb
K3 Assembly Manual Errata  K3 Assembly Manual Errata Rev M-4 (5/01/2015) 120 Kb
K3 Schematics  K3 Schematic Package (June, 2010) 7.8 Mb
K3 Programmer's Reference  K3S, K3, KX3 & KX2 Programmer's Reference Rev G5 (02/20/2019) 573Kb
K3 Front Panel Control Locations (.txt) K3 Front Panel Control Location,  text file for blind ops. (2/4/2009)
K3 Crystal Filter Manual K3 Crystal Filter Installation Manual (Now part of Rev B Owner's Manual) Rev A (10/15/2007) 
KSYN3A Article * Exploring the World Below 530 Kcs With a K3 by Fred Jensen, K6DGW
KSYN3A Manual  KSYN3A Synthesizer Installation Instructions Rev A6 (4/21/2016) 2.0 Mb
KSYN3A FAQ* KSYN3A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Rev C2 (2/13/2015) 433Kb
KPAIO3MDKT Instructions KPAIO3MDKT Installation Instructions Rev B (8/10/2016) 1.07 Mb
KREF3 Instructions

KREF3 Output Level Modification Instructions

Revision A (9/15/15)
KPA3 Manual  KPA3 100W Amplifier Option Installation Instructions Rev G (07/25/2011) 2.9 Mb
KPA3A Manual Errata KPA3A Amplifier Module Kit Assembly Manual Errata (Bracket Install) Rev. C-1 9/18/2018 266Kb
KPA3CONMDKT MOD Kit Manual  K3  KPA3 Power Connector Replacement Instructions Rev B (06/30/2017) 2.2 Mb
KAT3 Manual  KAT3 100W Autotuner Installation Instructions Rev C (06/24/2008) 2 Mb
KBPF3 Manual  KBPF3 General Coverage RX Option Manual Rev D (6/24/2008) 2.5 Mb
KBPF3MDKT Instructions KBPF3 Modification Kit Instructions Rev A2 (6/29/2015) 2.4 Mb
KXV3 Manual  KXV3 Interface Option Installation Instructions Rev C (06/24/2008)
KXV3A Manual  KXV3A Interface Option Installation Instructions Rev B (12/28/2011) 1.8 Mb
ProSet-K2/K3  Heil Boom Headset with Mic Assembly and Operating Instructions Manual - Now includes instructions for the K3S/K3 radios Rev C (5/30/2009) 179Kb
K3EXREF Manual K3EXREF Frequency Lock Option Installation and Operation Rev B (8/23/16) 1.5Mb
K3EXREF Manual Errata K3EXREF Frequency Lock Option Installation and Operation Errata Rev. B1-1 (10/14/23) 195 Kb
KXV3B Manual KXV3B Transverter Interface Installation Manual Rev C3 (9/22/2016) 1.4Mb
KDVR3 Manual KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder Option Installation Instructions Rev C (2/16/2012) 1.7Mb
KRX3A Manual  KRX3A High-Performance Sub Receiver Installation and Operation Manual Rev H2 (4/6/2017) 5.2Mb

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