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K2 Revision B Component Upgrade Kit

The items listed here allow UNBUILT, Revision A K2s to be completed as Revision B K2s. (The revision number refers to the PC board revision.) If you have a BUILT, or Partially Built, Revision A K2 (s/n less than 3000), DO NOT ORDER THIS COMPONENT KIT. You will need the K2 REVISION A TO B UPGRADE.

We recommend that you download the K2 Rev B Component Upgrade Instructions to review all of the changes. All three of the items listed below are required for this upgrade.

  • K2BCOMPKT - K2 Rev B Component Upgrade Kit
  • FWK2MCIO - K2 MCU F/W Upgrade to 2.04; K2 IOC Upgrade to 1.09 
  • E850138 - K2 Temperature Compensated PLL Reference Upgrade 
  • E740001 - K2 Manual for the Rev B PC Board Set.