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K2 High Performance Transceiver Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
K2 Manual  K2 Manual for K2s with Serial Numbers 4060 and Above Using Revision B PCB REV I (3/29/2012) 5.6 Mb
Appendixes Rev H  Detail Pictures of a K2 During Construction Manual Rev H, 2010 4.2 Mb
K2 Owner's Manual Errata K2 Owner's Operation Manual Errata Rev I-8 (6/13/2018) 219 Kb
K2 LCD Backlight Assembly  K2 LCD Backlight Assembly Instructions Rev K2LCD-1, (5/24/2018) 417 Kb
K2 Mini operating Manual K2 Mini Operating Manual from Nifty! Ham Accessories. Includes latest 2.04 firmware features.
K2 PLL Ref Upgr  Instructions for K2 Temperature-Compensated PLL Reference Upgrade Rev E (3/24/2005) 290 Kb
K2ATOBKT  K2 Revision A to B Upgrade Instructions. Rev E (5/29/2003) 200 Kb
K2BCOMPKT  K2 B Component Kit Instructions (kit of parts to build unbuilt Rev A K2s and complete them as Rev B.) Rev D (1/13/2004) 40 Kb
K2 Keying B/W Mod  Installation Instructions for the K2 CW Keying Bandwidth Mod. (Included with K2s s/n 4060+.) Rev A (2/3/2004) 426 Kb
KPA100 Manual 100W Internal Integration Kit for the K2, Assembly and Operations Manual. Rev H3 (7/24/2017) 2.6 Mb
KPA100 Error Codes Error Codes for the KPA100 (Addendum to manual.) 6 Kb
KPA100 Shield Upgrade  KPA100 Shield Upgrade Instructions. This shield is included with all K2's S/N 3574+, shipped on June 14, 2003 or later. Rev B (2/10/2004) 100 Kb
KPA100MODKT  KPA100 Mod Kit Instructions Rev B (2/24/2004) 100 Kb
KPA100UPKT KPA100 Upgrade Kit Instructions Rev A (10/21/2006)
KPA100UPKT Errata  KAP100UPKT Errata Rev A-6 (11/9/2007) 1,087 Kb
KSB2 Manual  SSB Option Manual Rev G (7/2/2011) 450 Kb
KSB2 Manual Errata  SSB Option Manual Errata Rev G-1 (8/29/2015) 450 Kb
ProSet-K2/K3  Heil Boom Headset w/ Mic Inst. Manual Rev C (5/30/2009) 179 Kb
K160RX Manual  160M / 2nd RX Option Manual REV D, (10/10/2006) 55 Kb
KNB2 Manual  Noise Blanker Option Manual REV D (8/20/2002) 104 Kb
KNB2 Manual Errata  Errata for KNB2 Manual REV D-6 (11/2/2016) 189 Kb
KBT2 Manual  Battery Option Manual Rev A (7/19/1999) 177 Kb
KAT2 Manual  K2 Internal Auto Tuner Manual Rev F (9/03/2012) 255 Kb
KAT2 Manual Errata  K2 Internal Auto Tuner Manual Errata Rev F-1 (3/14/2016) 255 Kb
KAT2 Builders Alert  KAT2 Rev C PCB Builders Alert Rev A (7/31/2017) 492 Kb
KAT100 Manual  KAT100 150W External Auto Tuner Manual Rev D (2/13/2015) 2.1 Mb
KAT100 Manual Errata  KAT100 150W External Auto Tuner Manual Errata Rev D-2 (8/31/2016 100Kb
KIO2 Manual  RS-232 Remote Control Option for the K2 Rev C (6/6/2012) 200 Kb
KDSP2 Manual  KDSP2 DSP for the K2 Rev A1 (6/2003) 745 Kb
KDSP2 Manual Errata  (86 Kb) KDSP2 Manual Errata Rev A-3 (2/5/2007) 86 Kb
KAF2 Manual  KAF2 Audio Filter / Real Time Clock Manual Rev A (8/30/2001) 277 Kb
K60XV Manual  K60XV 60-M and Transverter Interface Manual Rev B (8/15/2012) 532Kb
K60XV Errata  Errata for K60XV Manual Rev B-3 (12/15/2013) 35 Kb
SSBCAPKT Manual  SSB Bandwidth Increase Capacitor Kit Manual for the KSB2. Rev A (11/9/2004) 155 Kb
K2VCOSHLDKT Manual  K2 VCO Magnetic Shield Kit Rev E (10/6/2005) 150 Kb
K2 Encoder Installation K2 Encoder Installation Instructions Rev B (11/15/2016) 404 Kb