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K1 Manuals

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Title Manual Revision Download Size
K1 Manual K1 Owner's Manual Rev J (03/24/2015) 5.1Mb
K1 Manual Errata K1 Owner's Manual Errata Rev J-3 (4/10/2017) 16 Kb
K1 1.09 F/W Description K1 Firmware Description and Upgrade Instructions Rev. 109
KNB1 Manual KNB1 Option Installation Manual Rev C (1/18/2001) 188 Kb
KNB1 Manual Errata Errata for the KNB1 Manual Rev C-3 (12/18/2006) 34 Kb
KAT1 Manual KAT1 Automatic Antenna Tuner Manual Rev D (3/22/17) 122 Kb
KFL1-2 Instruction Sheet Additional Two Band Module for the K1. Rev I (12/13/2005) 67 Kb
KTS1 Instruction Sheet Instruction Sheet for the Wide Range Tilt Stand for the K1. Rev G (1/24/01) 440 Kb
KBT1 Manual KBT1 Battery Adapter Rev A (6/29/01) 195 Kb
KBT1 Manual Errata Errata for the KBT1 Rev A-6 (12/5/2006) 16 Kb
K1BKLTKT LCD Mod Kit  Instruction Sheet LCD Backlight Modification for Built and un-Built K1's Rev C (7/27/06) 218 Kb