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Elecraft K2_Voice Setup and Operating Instructions

Run the supplied setup program to install K2_Voice. The installer may require your system to reboot during the install process if the new Windows installer needs to be added to your system by setup.

A new Elecraft program group and desktop icon will be created for K2_Voice.

Turn on your K2 and connect your KIO2 RS-232 cable to your computer's Comm port. K2_Voice defaults to Comm 1, but it can be changed to any Comm port from 1 to 10 via the Com Port menu entry at the top of the screen. Ports can also be selected via CTRL+Fn keys (see below).

If you hear the 'K2 not responding' message your K2 is either not turned on, or the incorrect Comm port is selected. Make sure the radio is on and connected to the computer. Select the correct Comm port (or reselect the correct one if your radio was off.) Selecting (or reselecting) the Comm portfrom the option menu causes the program to re-check for the K2.

If after hearing the Comm port number spoken you do not hear the error message your K2 is communicating with K2_Voice.

K2_Voice has three modes of operation: Manual, Semi-auto and Full-Auto. These options are selected from the Options menu or via direct hot keys (see below). The Options menu also includes an on/off toggle for the voice greeting on program startup.

Manual only reports K2 setting when you query it manually by clicking on a screen button or pressing its corresponding hot key.

Semi-Auto adds automatic voice reporting of changes in K2 settings (mode, filter etc.) within 1 second after keys are pressed on the K2's front panel.

Full-Auto adds automatic voice reporting of VFO frequency 1 second after VFO motion stops.

Hot Keys:


-Comm Port Selection-  
Select Comm1 through Comm9 CTRL-F1 through CTRL-F9
Select Comm10 Shift-F1 
Toggle Startup Greeting On/Off CTRL-G
Manual Reporting Mode CTRL-M
Semi Auto Reporting  CTRL-S
Full Auto Reporting  CTRL-F
-Radio Status Keys-  
General Radio Information  ALT-I
VFO A Frequency  ALT-A
VFO B Frequency  ALT-B
RX VFO (A or B)  ALT-R
Mode  ALT-M
Filter Status  ALT-F
S-Meter Read  ALT-S
CW Keyer Speed  ALT-K
Power Setting  ALT-W
Pre-Amp Status  ALT-P
Noise Blanker Status  ALT-N
Attenuator Status  ALT-E
Re-Initialize K2 Comm Link ALT-Z
Exit (Plays '73')  ALT-X