KPA1500 Now Shipping!

KPA1500s have now started shipping against our backlog (we started several days ago). (Yay! :-) Its been a lot of hard work getting it released and rolling, but we are all excited to see KPA1500s burning in on the test racks and heading out the door!

KPA1500 Now Shipping

For the next several weeks the initial shipping rate will be slow as we optimize our production and test flow, and then we will ramp up deliveries each week. We will be contacting customers by phone or email typically 2-7 business days prior to shipment to confirm their shipping info and get their CC for final charges etc.

We are now beginning to ship orders from August 24th, the first day we began taking orders. Due to very large rush of orders we received that day, we expect to be shipping the Aug. 24 orders over the next 3-4 weeks. Please be patient with us as we get this going. Until we get the production rate increased it will be hard to give exact delivery estimates due to the large number of orders. Please note that KPA1500 orders were received simultaneously via the website, emails, mail, trade shows and phone calls, so order numbers will not indicate exactly where you are in the delivery queue. We also received a very large number of KPA1500 orders each day during the first several weeks, so orders with the same order date will ship spread over a large number of days. (Especially the first week's orders.) Please also check our Shipping Status Page for the latest updates.

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  • NK7B here — received my KPA 1500 and so excited I can hardly stand it.

    James Lee
  • Great amp . Design even looks like a Mercedes Benz , clean lines fast response WELL DONE
    Fans quiet and unit just Function and FORM 5 stars


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