First Production KX3 Ships!

The first KX3 shipped today at 16:27 PDT. The picture above shows Lisa as she rushed out our front door to catch the postal service truck as it was driving by. We had missed today's postal pickup at our shipping dock, but someone noticed the truck down the street and we caught it before it got away.. Fortunately one of us (Eric) was able to rush out ahead of her to take this picture.
Lisa delivering first KX3!

Please be patient as we ramp up production. For the next week we will be shipping small quantities as we begin manufacturing. We will then ramp up production over the next three weeks to our final production rate. Please resist the urge call or email us right now for your order shipping status, as that will overload our staff and slow KX3 shipments. (The phones are already pretty busy with new orders..) We will notify everyone just prior to their shipment to confirm everything.

We will also update the shipping status page regularly with the current order day that we are shipping. (Check your original order confirmation for the date.) December 27th was the first day we took KX3 orders and we received many hundreds that day, so we'll be working our way through those first day orders for the next several weeks.

We appreciate your patience as we have worked to get the KX3 ready to go out the door. Its a fantastic rig and we're looking forward to hearing your reports as you put it into action!


Wayne, Eric and the whole Elecraft team.
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  • Funny – my colleague just told me today he owns a KX3 with serial #000001 (I may have missed or added some zeros, but you get the idea). Maybe the same one? He says it works perfectly!
    ’73 de NE5NA

    Wouter Suverkropp

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