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"Backpacking with a Pocket-sized Shortwave Radio" By: Bruce Prior N7RR

This is a great read for hikers and backpackers!  Bruce's explains that this article is designed for non-hams who are outdoor enthusiasts.  If you have family and friends who enjoy day hikes or overnight backpacking trips, share this article with just might convince them to get their General Class license.   And for those of you who are hams, here's a tip that Bruce shared with me: 

"Your KX2 (or KX3) will work better if it is given a dignified name that you can be proud to use on the air. My KX3 is Triple Kicks and my KX2 is Little Engine."


Backpacking with a Pocket-sized Shortwave Radio
Bruce Prior N7RR

In the midst of a blizzard in early May 2005, a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker named John Donovan disappeared near San Jacinto Peak in California. During his trek, he apparently fell and found himself in Long Canyon with no obvious way to escape. He was alive for some days before expiring. A delayed search for Donovan was soon abandoned. John had no way of communicating his predicament.  Read More.

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