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The Remoterig RRC-1258MKII pair has been developed specially for remote control of Amateur radio stations via the Internet, in a user friendly and cost-effective way.  The RRIGCON is the Control site device of this pair.  It is connected to the terminal of K3/0 used by the remote operator, not the actual remote transceiver.

Order this when you wish to purchase a K3/0 Mini to use with shared Remote stations such as or with Remote Ham Radio's systems.





Q: What makes the RRIGCON different from any other distributor of Remote Rig devices?

A:  When you purchase the RRIGCON from Elecraft, it is preconfigured and is ready to use when it arrives.  We have taken care of all the parameter configurations needed to operate as called for in the K3 Remote System Owners Manual.  It is the fastest way to get on the air!

Q: I would like to connect to Remote Ham  Do I need the RRIGCON?

A:  Yes.  RemoteRig 1258MkIIs Control Unit (RRIGCON) is the control unit only used to access a RemoteRig based K3-Remote. The RRIGCON is provided without a power supply by the manufacturer. If an external power supply is required, please add PWR12V1A-US (External Power Supply) to your order.  Please check with Remote Ham Radio for the latest on what cables you will need to order.

Q:  I already have the Remote Rig Control site device from a prior installation.  Do I still need to purchase the RRIGCON from Elecraft for my new K3/0 Mini?

A: No.  You can use the K3 Remote System manual to reconfigure your Control site Remote Rig device to Elecraft specifications.  We strongly suggest you also update the firmware for the Remote Rig device before reconfiguring activities. 

Q:  Do you sell the WiFi version of the Remote Rig devices?

A: No.  You can, however, order the add on WiFi option directly from Microbit or their distributors worldwide.