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The P3SVGA Super Video Graphics Array option provides output to an external monitor that adds widescreen display capability to the P3 with enhanced data terminal operations that permits sending a text from a keyboard attached to the P3, storing messages in memory that may be recalled with a simple keystroke, and transmitting a stored message at regular intervals. 

The P3SVGA features a dedicated, high-speed Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processor that performs a 2048 point FFT in parallel with the P3's existing processor for a much higher frequency resolution per dot on the larger screen.  The P3SVGA includes a USB connector that can accept a flash memory drive for screen dumps or connect to many USB keyboards to allow direct digital mode operation via the K3/K3S and P3 with transmit and receive display on an external monitor.

The P3 adds 3 connectors to the rear of the P3:

  • Keyboard
  • External Display
  • Aux Data  (future features)