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The P3SVGA option is an internal adapter that fits inside the P3 cabinet.  Easily installed at any time, the internal adapter uses a separate rendering engine to present a higher resolution image of the RF spectrum on a separate display monitor.  Only a few basic hand tools are needed.  No soldering or wiring is required.

Note: If you already own a P3, and you want to install the P3SVGA, then you must order the P3SVGA (Kit).

We have closed the K3/K3S Options/Accessories order form so we can finalize material orders.

Due to minimum material purchase requirements by our suppliers, we may have excess material that will allow us to build more products than was ordered. If you are interested in purchasing this K3/K3S Option/Accessory, please email Sales@elecraft.com and provide your name, email address, phone number, and the products you are interested in purchasing.  We will place you on the list and contact you if we have the products available for purchase.

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The P3SVGA Super Video Graphics Array option provides output to an external monitor that adds wide screen display capability to the P3 with enhanced data terminal operations that permits sending text from a keyboard attached to the P3, storing messages in memory that may be recalled with a simple keystroke, and transmitting a stored message at regular intervals. 

The P3SVGA features a dedicated, high-speed Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processor that performs a 2048 point FFT in parallel with the P3's existing processor for a much higher frequency resolution per dot on the larger screen.  The P3SVGA includes a USB connector that can accept a flash memory drive for screen dumps or connect to many USB keyboards to allow direct digital mode operation via the K3/K3S and P3 with transmit and receive display on an external monitor.

The P3 adds 3 connectors to the rear of the P3:

  • Keyboard
  • External Display
  • Aux Data  (future features)
P3SVGA P3 Video/FFT Adapter Quantity Price
P3SVGA P3SVGA P3 Video/FFT Adapter, Kit

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