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For the competitive at heart who wants higher power, needs quick search-and-pounce tuning capabilities, the right tools to pull out CW signals down in the noise.



K3s DX'er Package

We've taken the most popular K3s configurations and created three packages that fits most anyone's operating style!  Each package comes factory assembled.  If your operating style changes, you can add additional options anytime.


 K3s DX'er Package
K3s/100-F 160-6M 100W Transceiver
100W Internal Autotuner
2.8 kHz High Perf. Filter Upgrade
2.1 kHz High Perf. SSB/Data Filter
400 Hz High Perf. CW/Data Filter
High Perf. Subreceiver
2.8 kHz High Perf. SSB/Data Filter (for Subreceiver)
400 Hz High Perf. CW/Data Filter (for Subreceiver)
MH4 Hand Mic
P3 Panadapter
Elecraft Hat
Over $250 Savings!

*K3s Package options cannot be substituted for other options or accessories.

Popular Additions for your K3s Package

200 Hz CW/Data Filter
SP3 Ext. Speaker
Video Adapter
Digital Voice Recorder