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K3 Core Assembly
KFL3A-1.0K-IR-R, 1kHZ Filter for the K3/K3S (CW/DATA)
KFL3A-250-IR-F, 250 Hz Filter (CW/DATA)
KFL3A-400-IR-F, 400 Hz Filter (CW/DATA)
KAT3A-F, 100W ATU (makes it a 100)
E850323-F, K3S TCXO-Stand Osc
x2 E850638_KSYN3A board
KRX3A-F, High Performance Subreceiver
KFL3A-400-IR-F, 400Hz Filter (SUB FILTER)


What's in the Box 
Refurbished K3/100-F 
Power Cable


See the Elecraft K3 Data Sheet for a detailed overview. 




    See the Elecraft K3 Owner's Operation Manual for the detailed Specifications.



    Elecraft Certified Refurbished Limited Warranty

    Elecraft’s Certified Refurbished equipment are maintained and thoroughly tested by Elecraft Technicians. 

    Who is covered?

    This Warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable.

    What is covered and for how long?

    Elecraft Certified Refurbished Limited Warranty is One Year from the date of purchase for the following refurbished items: 

    • Transceivers
    • Amplifiers
    • Tuners
    • Panadapters
    • Remote Systems

    Elecraft Certified Refurbished Limited Warranty for products not listed above is 90 Days from the date of purchase.  This includes but is not limited to:

    • Test Equipment
    • Power Supplies
    • Accessories
    • Cables

    This Warranty is conditioned upon proper use of the product and covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal, reasonable use of the product during the warranty period. 

    What is not covered?

    • Normal wear and tear
    • If the product has been mistreated or mishandled
    • If the product has been improperly installed or configured
    • If the product has been modified from its original condition
    • If the product has been subject to an accident
    • If the product has been subject to lightning, power surges, incorrect electrical voltage, or any electrical stress
    • If the product has been subject to acts of nature
    • If a battery has been charged by a battery charger not specified or approved by Elecraft for charging the battery
    • If any of the seals on an Elecraft battery are broken or show evidence of tampering; or the battery has been used in equipment other than the Elecraft device for which it is specified.

    This warranty only covers Certified Refurbished Elecraft product(s).  

    What are Elecraft’s obligations?

    During the applicable warranty period, provided the Product is returned in accordance with the terms of this Limited Warranty, Elecraft will repair or replace the Product, at Elecraft’s sole option, without charge. Elecraft may, at Elecraft’s sole option, use rebuilt, reconditioned, or new parts or components when repairing any Product, or may replace the Product with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new Product.

    All replaced Products, parts, components, boards and equipment shall become the property of Elecraft except to any extent expressly allowed by applicable law, transfer or assignment of this Limited Warranty is prohibited.

    While equipment is under warranty, owner pays inbound shipping to Elecraft for warranty repair. Elecraft will pay return shipping by UPS ground service or equivalent to addresses within the continental U.S.  Alaska, Hawaii and outside U.S. return shipping cost is paid by owner. See below for instructions on contacting Elecraft for product repairs.  Shipping cost for equipment repair not under warranty is the responsibility of the owner. 

    IMPORTANT Instructions

    You must contact Elecraft, before mailing us your product to obtain authorization for the return, shipping address and current information on repair fees and turn-around times. You may contact us by email at Shipping instructions will be included with Repair Authorization. We have more than one repair location, so please ship to the address included with the repair authorization.  Packages shipped without authorization will incur an additional shipping charge for reshipment to the correct repair location.

    Our basic repair / alignment charge is $99.00, plus return shipping. If you wish, you may set a limit for the repair charges, and we will contact you when we have reached that point before proceeding.  If we determine the problem is wholly due to a defect in components supplied by Elecraft (within the warranty period), we will not charge you for the repair. Please read the warranty information above for additional details on what is covered.

    Contact Customer Support for the Repair Authorization before shipping your equipment for repair.  You may email Customer Support at to request an authorization form.