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Purchase this cable if you have a K3 or K3S and wish to have the KAT500 track VFO frequency selected.  Referred to as Enhanced Mode, the KAT500 automatic tuner can read the K3S or K3's VFO frequency directly and can pre-select the tuning elements needed to be ready to transmit as soon as you QSY to a frequency.  

Many DX'ers and Contesters use this feature to improve their contact rates.





  • Length:  3 ft. (1 meter)




Q: The 15 pin connector looks like an SVGA cable for my monitor. How is the E850463 cable different?

A: The E850463 cable contains 15 discrete signal line whereas the typical SVGA cable has about 50% of its signal lines grounded together.  This means that an SVGA cable can potentially damage the ACC port on the K3 or K3S.  For that reason, we recommend 

Q: When do I need to consider purchasing an E850463?

A: The E850463 cable extends Enhanced Mode operation of the KAT500 to the K3 or K3S.  That is, this cable allows the KAT500 to determine what band and VFO frequency the radio is set for.  Essentially, the KAT500 uses the E850463 cable to 'talk' to the K3/K3S, which we call Enhanced Mode.  

Q: When do I need to consider purchasing an E850463?

A:  When a KAT500 is purchased, this cable should be purchased to connect to the K3/K3S only.

Q: Do I need to purchase an E850463 if I will be connecting the KAT500 to any other vendor's transceiver?

A:  No, this cable is not required for use with other vendor's transceivers.