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KXIBC2 Change Form

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NEW! KXIBC2 Internal Battery Charger for the KX2

The KXIBC2 module is a C/10-rate charger for the KXBT2 Li-ion internal battery pack. Operation is simple, requiring only that a power supply be connected to the KX2 when charging is required. The radio may be on or off during charging. The KXIBC2 does not generate any RFI, so the radio may be used during charging if the power supply provides sufficient current for both charging and receive/transmit operation.

The KXIBC2 replaces the previous KXIO2 option module, retaining its RTC (real-time-clock) function.

 See KXIBC2 Manual Here.

Please note that the KXIBC2 has not been released to the public. Please do not share this link.