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K-Pod Beta Test Firmware Instructions

NOTE: Beta test firmware may have new issues that we haven't caught during field testing. Please report them to

Follow these steps to load a K-Pod beta firmware release:

1. Create a new folder for the beta firmware on your Desktop or some other easily found location. (Don't use the same folder you use for the regular firmware release; you may want to keep those files around in case you decide to go back to that revision.)

2. In a web browser, type in this URL:


NOTE: On some computers, it may take some time for a directory of the beta files to appear.  If you do not see the correct files, press 'refresh' on your browser to reload the page.

If you do not see the correct version of the zip file, press the RELOAD / REFRESH button on your browser to update your browser cache.

3. Right-click on the .zip file containing the beta firmware (e.g. for revision MCU X.YZ and all associated files). Save the file to your beta folder.

4. Unzip the files into the beta folder.

5. Enter the path to the beta folder in K-Pod Utility ("Local folder for firmware files").

6. Make sure you *DO NOT* check the K-Pod Utility box titled "Copy new files from Elecraft server".

7. Click on "Check versions now". Your K-Pod must be connected to the computer and turned on.

8. Review the release notes (under the "Help" pull-down menu).

9. Click "Send all firmware to K-Pod."

10. Please report any new firmware issues to