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The SRH77CA can be directly connected to the SMA port on the KX3, when it has the 2 Meter option installed, for portable operation.   

Alternatively, the SRH77CA can be installed using the SMA-RA, a right angle SMA adapter, to stand upright when the KX3 is operated on a desk or in the shack.

*Gain (relative): +6dB
Watts: 10
Height: 15"
Connector: SMA
*Rated against typical stock HT antennas.
  • SMA-RA:  A Right angle SMA adapter to allow the SRH77CA to be used with the KX3 while it sits on a desk.

Q: Is this antenna intended to be used while the KX3 is operating portable or just in the shack?

A: The SRH77CA can be operated and used in both applications.  Of course, at 2 meters, the SRH77CA is best used outside and in line of sight to the repeater or other stations.  When operating in the shack, an external antenna is recommended where possible for the same reason.

Q: Do I need to ground the KX3 in some way to use the SRH77CA connected directly to the KX3?

A: Yes.  Any 2 Meter antenna used in portable applications should have a counterpoise or ground wire to achieve the best possible signal transmission.