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K3 Remote System

K3 Remote System

The Elecraft K3 Remote system provides a highly flexible means for controlling a transceiver in the next room or across the country. The K3/0-Mini or any K3/K3S may be used as a control head when operated in terminal mode.  No modifications to any K3 or K3S are required to turn them into a Remote Control panel like the K3/0 Mini.

They all provide 100% recreation of the remote transceiver operation on the control head at your fingertips.  When paired with the RemoteRig internet control system, the K3 Remote system can connect your local K3/0-Mini or K3 to a remote K3 or K3S transceiver over the internet without requiring computers at each end. Optionally you can connect the K3/0-Mini directly to a Windows computer or tablet to access a growing number remotely-controlled Ham stations available through the Remote Hams web site (www.remotehams.com).

The K3 Remote system provides a real radio feel with immediate control feedback and very fast response times.  The K3S and K3 firmware supports a compact remote control serial protocol that accurately replicates the remote K3S/K3 on the controlling K3/0, K3/0-Mini. K3S or K3. All local movements of the front panel VFO knobs, other controls and switches are immediately reflected on the remote K3S/K3, and all display functions from the remote K3’s LCD and LEDs are immediately displayed on the controlling K3/0-Mini, K3S or K3.

The result is a faithful recreation of your remote K3 on the local control head that is hard to distinguish from operating the actual radio. With K3 Remote, you’ll enjoy a high degree of operating convenience, along with world-class performance - from wherever you may chose to operate.