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KX-Line for the Adventure Minded


KX2 "Stealth" transceiver

If you're off the grid, or just off the beaten path, stay in touch...with an Elecraft KX2.

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KX3 Ultra-Compact Home/Portable/Mobile Station

Despite its size, it covers amateur bands from 160-6 meters, operates in all modes, and has DSP-based features found on larger radios.

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What’s New...What's Cool

KH1 5-Band CW Transceiver

This Pocket-Sized CW Station Lets You Operate from Anywhere ...

K4 Transceiver

Our K4 doesn’t just harness the latest technology: it blends new tech with a classic user interface...


What's the Next Best Thing to Being There?

Does a 3D presentation of the KX2 sound interesting? How about a KPA1500 and a K4 demo? Are you thinking about building a K2?

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